Stanford, Facing Pressure, Reverses Plan To Cut 11 Sports

Simply put, distance learning is when students are separated from teachers and peers. This means that students learn remotely and do not have face-to-face learning with instructors or other students. Difficulty being motivated was another reason chosen by the participants of the three countries to not enroll in DE courses. The lack of experience in this type of educational format may help explain student lack of confidence with their ability to study and stay on task. This response contrasts with the reasons reported for enrolling in DE courses such as controlling their study time. On one hand, participants like the prospect of having the ability to manage their own time.

Many coaches hear from hundreds or thousands of students looking for athletic scholarships or an opportunity to compete in intercollegiate athletics. Coaches must determine who they want on their teams—which often requires difficult decisions, because NAIA and NCAA have strict limits on the number of players allowed on college rosters. Use School Resources.Lastly, your school has many academic resources designed to help you succeed. For most schools, this includes access to tutoring services, writing help, research assistance, libraries, archives, study groups, technology and software training, job preparation services and public speaking coaches. With online support, video conferencing, and many 24/7 support services, making use of these tools is much easier in recent years than ever before.

With more than 5.7 million students taking at least some of their higher-ed courses online, these diploma mills, or degree mills, are poised to award illegitimate degrees to unsuspecting students. In January 2019, a group of academic credential evaluators published a report that addressed what has been called the world’s largest diploma mill, in Pakistan, which is still in business despite several government crackdowns. The network has set up 700 to 900 fake schools—most of them supposedly in southern California—plus a number of phony “accreditation mills” to vouch for the colleges, according to the Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, or AECI. “Since their fake schools are touted as being ‘American,’ created about US-type accreditors which show the American Flag US Capitol.” The Pakistani operation has been updating its sham school websites and adding the “edu” domain name to many of their web addresses.

Axact has probably stayed in business ‘in plain sight’ for 20+ years because of rumored connections with organized crime figures, connections with money laundering for the Pakistan government, their intelligence service ISI, or their military. Axact officials were masters at “Fake News” long before our current politicians made this a daily commonplace. Axact is the master at using all aspects of social media, along with fake free press releases, to hype and support their fake schools and business acumen. Since their fake schools are touted as being ‘American,’ they have created about U.S. type accreditors which show the American Flag, U.S. Capitol and appropriately use red, white and blue colors.


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